Larry Deleon’s 2002 Acura RSX



Larry Deleon

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Navy Chief retired after 24year with honorable service with the United States Navy as a Fleet Marine Force DOC (Corpsman). Served with the Marines for 9 years and the Army for 1 year. Did 5 deployments to include Helmand Province Afghanistan in 2012. Happily married with 2 kids now a stay home MR. MOM … and spending money on my new hobby MY CAR (NAILA)!!!!!   

Why did you choose this car? 

Just one reason out of the 4 cars I own this is one my wife cant drive because its Manual !!!

What makes your build unique? 

Wrapped with Avery Dennison Sw900 Roaring thunder. Full interior custom red suede and sits on air managengement and suspension from ACCUAIR.  Majority of the work on the car was done in my garage with the help of YouTube . Last this was a transformation that took place in 1 year. Lot of time and $$$.   

How did you get started in the car scene?

My friend introduced me to the scene and like he said “Its like Bungee Jumping once you commit there’s no turning back.

Bio Of Car Crew

TEAM IMPACT I can say one thing about this group it’s “FAMILY”. I have been a member of this crew for 2 months now and have enjoyed every minute of it. We all joke around like brothers and sisters and act like we have known each other for years this is one trait that is hard to find these days. We are only 20 strong and established Aug 2017 but we keep it small and keep it real.   

Sponsor / Shout Outs

Shout out to the US Navy and Marines Corps and my Sponsors Masterwrapz and MTM Upholstery