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Greg Johnson’s 2014 Hyundai Genesis R Spec


Greg Johnson

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2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec


My name is Greg Johnson  I’m 42 years old, I live and grew up in Oceanside CA, been around San Diego most of my life. Besides cars I’m usually behind the camera at most car events most would know my work as @noclue_photography

Why did you choose this car?

When the car was first released in 2009, I liked the unique style and personality it had.  And because of that it really stands out from the crowd of all the other makes and models of cars that are in the scene today. 

What makes your build unique?

Besides being a Hyundai, I’ve taken a lot of time to make sure there are not to many built like it. A few things that make it stand out are the numerous Carbon Fiber parts, some of them even being very rare or new to the market, as i can say I’ve been lucky enough to be a beta test fitter of a number of my parts. 

How did you get started in the car scene?

Back in high school before car modding was popular in CA in 1991. I had a 1985 Toyota Celica/Supra with a 22re 4cyl and 4 wheel independent suspension, rear wheel drive 5 speed. I started with that car, when we had to cut coils springs to lower and use either cherrry bomb exhausts or complete straight pipe exhausts. been in the scene since then.

Bio Of Car Crew

Team SYSTEMATIC is a small group of like minded good helpful individuals. All of us have different ideas and opinions that help us to grow and prosper both individually and as a team.

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