Santiago Mendez 2015 Nissan Altima



Santiago Mendez

Crew Name

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2015 Nissan Altima


Hello everyone I’m Santiago Mendez an proud owner of a vip inspired 2015 Nissan Altima. Bought car brand new from local Nissan dealership in February of 2015. First mod like everyone was window tint along with sound system. I live in Ventura California were I work full-time an also proud father of a 5 year old girl.

Why did you choose this car?

chose the Nissan Altima because not everyone mods their Altima.I knew car will never be fast so I decided to build a vip inspired car. I like the natural big body lines of my car.

What makes your build unique?

My car is very unique as it is liquid wrap by an authorized person hear in oxnard California car has variations of different colors attracts lots of attention. Color I choose for my build is elixir super shift by didspade.

How did you get started in the car scene?

I’ve been in car scene for sometime started tracking bmw’s an now I drive slow an low. Focused on making my car a show car quality build.

Bio Of Car Crew

Team impact has been great being supportive with each other an having fun at shows. We are about quality an not quantity.

Sponsor / Shout Outs

I wanna give a shout out to cali dips for painting my car an making it stand from the rest. Also vipdout for making my vip trays an executive vip for providing me my interior pieces