Geoff Turner’s 2013 Lexus ISF



Geoff Turner

Crew Name 

Team Hybrid

Vehicle Year, Make, Model 

2013 Lexus ISF


My name is Geoff Turner and I am from Raleigh, NC.  Most people know me by the alias of isf_ing_legit for my 2013 Lexus ISF I drive around town in San Diego, CA.  I live in San Diego, CA and currently in the US Navy and have been serving for 18 years.  

Why did you choose this car?

I chosen my car because the Lexus brand has been in my family for over 20 years.  I also used to live in Sasebo, Japan and fell in love with the Lexus brand even deeper and now am a super Lexus enthusiast.

What makes your build unique?

I think my car is unique because I have embraced the panda theme and the Lexus F brand to the “T”.  Every detail is designed to emphasize those details of the build.

How did you get started in the car scene?

One Word “California”

Bio Of Car Crew

TEAM HYBRID  stands for the birth of a new tradition in creativity, originality, and quality.  With the guidance of Team Founder & President, James Lin, Team Hybrid continues to promise new traditions set forth for many years to come (23 years and counting).  The leaders of this Team want an efficient organization that would set its own standards and qualifications.  The ideal is to create a TEAM that would comprise itself with a diversity of hardworking/trusting members instilled with our honorable values, respect, passion and especially, a special individuality to every car.

Sponsor / Shout Outs

SOS Customz, Ag Wheels, Michelin Tires, D2 Racing, Amsoil, Meguiars, Mishimoto, and Team Hybrid