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Morrison Fabrication | 30th Annual the Shootout Quick 32 Class Sponsor

Constant innovation and improvement. While it’s a challenge for some companies, Morrison Fabrication has a passion for performance and perfection like no other. Today, the latest technology and highest quality turbo exhaust manifolds for DSM and EVO platforms are built by Morrison Fabrication.

The company’s philosophy is simple:

  • Love what you do and be dedicated to endless innovation;
  • cut no corners because a sacrifice in performance for the sake of time or cost is unacceptable;
  • try things that appear unconventional at first because greatness has never happened within the confinement and restraints of comfort; and
  • never settle for or allow products to leave that aren’t well-sorted, consistent, high-functioning, or of exceptional quality.

The IDRC is proud to have Morrison Fabrication back again as the Quick 32 sponsor. With the Mitsubishi versus the World aspect of the class and the potential for thousands in additional payouts, this will be one the hot classes to watch.