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Morrison Fabrications | Quick 32 Class Sponsor

Here at Morrison Fabrications, we have over 25 years of combined experience in the DSM and Evo platforms – welding, fabrication, engine building, drag racing, etc. In fact, it was our love for these cars – specifically, red 1ga talons – that brought us together.

In the beginning of summer in 2016, we set out to find the “perfect” manifold to fit our own personal needs and because we share a passion for creating, testing, and seeing results, we decided we were going to craft one together. We spent months developing various lists that outlined our needs, wants, and expectations, and drafting different designs.

In February 2017, Ron Shearer of Shearer Fabrications made an announcement saying he was no longer going to create the iconic manifolds for DSMs and Evos and was interested in selling that part of his business. He tagged Samantha in the post knowing she had been interested in beginning her own welding and fabrication gig and, at the same time, she had commented stating she loved her top mount manifold he made (interestingly, the last one ever made by Ron) and that she was interested in the venture. After lengthy discussions, we decided to embark on this journey together. And that is where Morrison Fabrications began.

We are so proud to continue the legacy Ron started back in 2003. Our shared high level of expectations for quality, meticulousness, reliability and efficiency, the performance and function of each piece, and consistency of fitment pairs perfectly with the strong path Ron paved.  While we never imagined we would reproduce the manifolds we had designed to fit our personal needs (without compromises) for our dream setups, we are so excited to share them with you. We have gained considerable knowledge and expertise over the years, and are committed to the pursuit of continuous learning for unrelenting progress and advancements within and for the community.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Love what you do and be dedicated to endless innovation;
  • cut no corners because a sacrifice in performance for the sake of time or cost is unacceptable;
  • try things that appear unconventional at first because greatness has never happened within the confinement and restraints of comfort; and
  • never settle for or allow products to leave that aren’t well-sorted, consistent, high-functioning, or of exceptional quality.

We look forward to chatting with you about your goals and helping you achieve them. Thank you for choosing Morrison Fabrications and letting us be a part of your new personal best.