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Alert: Record-Setting Traction @ The Shootout

It’s time to break records! If your car is ready, the track surface at 2019 Xona Rotor IDRC The Shootout presented by Buschur Racing will deliver more traction than ever before. Last year, track prep was a gripe of many racers. Getting an optimized track surface is no easy task. It’s not just about how much traction compound you spray on a track surface. The track equipment must be in top working order, the track must be properly cleaned, and track maintenance needs to be top-notch. In addition, the track prep crew cannot fall victim to complacency or have a “good enough” attitude. Since the start of the 2019 racing season, Summit Motorsports Park has made record-setting track preparation to goal. Not wanting to be outdone by any other track, Summit Motorsports Park Owner and President Bill Bader III has taken over track prep himself for this year’s Shootout. Equipment is dialed in and track maintenance and cleanliness has never been better. The result is an optimized track surface that will simply deliver the maximum grip possible. Bill says, “No one will have a problem this year!” There will simply not be a better racing surface found at any other track. If your car is ready, willing and able to set a new class record or personal best time, we’ve got the track surface ready to help you do it. So whether you plan on piloting Red Demon to a new record or just your daily-driven DSM, EVO or GT-R to a new personal best, the 2019 Xona Rotor IDRC The Shootout presented by Buschur Racing will be the place to make it happen.

WARNING: extreme traction surfaces can significantly increase the stress and strain on your vehicle’s driveline when launched. A launch that bogs the engine is more likely to do damage than a launch that results is wheelspin. It is always better to start with a higher tire pressure and to raise your typical launch RPM to encourage more wheelspin. If you have a clutch-equipped vehicle (with a upgraded performance clutch that can take the heat), try to “slip” or “ride” the clutch slightly more than usual on the launch to keep the engine RPM from being pulled down rapidly. Good luck.