Callies Index Class (11.5) 2019

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General Guidelines

  • All Vehicles competing in Callies Performance Products 11.5-second Index Class are required to purchase a Racer Tech card (@$110 for 2019) valid for all three days, regardless if racer is attending one, two or three days.
  • If you do not fill out your tech car neatly and completely, you will be made fun of by the announcers for the entire event. This will bring shame and dishonor to you, your family, the tuning shop that helped you and your friends. Write neatly please.
  • All Vehicles in this class must run the “11.5” class designation decal provided by the IDRC
  • All Vehicles in this class must run a 3-digit car number decal as provided by the IDRC. The car numbers must be placed on the front windshield (top passenger side for all LHD vehicles) AND at right side rear quarter window (passenger side of LHD vehicle). 4-digit permanent NHRA numbers are allowed as long as they are die-cut vinyl.
  • All Vehicles in this class must race against each other in any elimination round. Any collusion by a pair of racers in competition will forfeit any possible winning and possibly result in being prohibited from attending future events. The fans paid to see racing so don’t cruise down the strip next to your friend.
  • PEER TECH: All Vehicles in this class are subject to a peer tech inspection before the first round of eliminations. All hoods must be up and the driver must accompany the vehicle. If a RACER believes that something is illegal on a competitor’s car, they must report it to the IDRC tech at that time. No crew member can make a protest, only a racer. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, AS A RACER, TO FIND ILLEGAL RACERS BEFORE THE FIRST ROUND OF ELIMINATIONS AND REPORT THEM AT THAT TIME. If your car is illegal for the class, you will not be allowed to compete in that class. An additional $110 will be charged to move your vehicle to a different heads-up class or you may run in time trials or brackets at no additional charge. If you pay the fee and move to another heads-up class, your best qualifying time will transfer over. However, depending on the time allowed, there is no guarantee that a new ladder will be created. You may just end up in the first available positon in the other class ladder. If your car was found to be legal during the PEER TECH, but then was obviously altered after passing tech you will be disqualified. The last person you eliminated may be put back into the race as long as it's before the next round of racing. Bottom line, don’t try to cheat and lie or it will cost everyone time and possibly you more money.
  • CREW: Each racer in this class is permitted to have up to three crew members that can accompany the vehicle in the staging lanes and to the starting line. All of these crew members must obtain a special crew restricted-area wristband. To receive these wristbands, each crew member and the driver must take the tech card to customer service so that the crew and driver can sign the required waivers.
  • TREE: All vehicles will qualify and compete on a 0.500-second Sportsman Tree. This will have the amber lights progressive light up at 0.500 intervals until the Green is lit.
  • STAGING: Courtesy staging is highly encouraged. If you are going to be a jerk and not comply, you will be warned and subject to a reduced payout at the discretion of the race director. Deep staging is permitted.
  • QUALIFYING:To be eligible to compete in the class, a vehicle must make at least one complete pass in one of the scheduled qualifying sessions. There is one scheduled qualifying session on Friday night, two qualifying sessions on Saturday and a final last-chance qualifying session on Sunday morning at 9am. All scheduled qualifying sessions are subject to time changes or omission based at the discretion of the Race Director to accommodate weather or breakage issues. Bottom line, don’t miss any of the qualifying sessions.
  • LADDER: Cars in this class with be laddered according to Sportsman pairing. Top qualifier will be the vehicle closest to the 11.5-second time without going quicker than 11.5.
  • AWARDS: All payouts and awards must be collected at the end of racing on Sunday. Failure to collect a trophy or payout within one hour of the completion of racing will forfeit these items.
  • PAYOUT AMOUNT:1,000 Winner, $500 Runner-Up. Guaranteed regardless of car count in this class thanks to Callies Performance Products.


Class Requirements

  • Vehicle must be powered by one of the following engines:
    • Any Mitsubishi 4 cylinder engine or Hyundai/Kia Equivalent
    • Any Mitsubishi V6 engine or Hyundai/Kia V6
    • Nissan RB26 or VR38 engine



Permitted/Not-Permitted Modifications

  • TURBO:Any
  • EXHAUST: Any
  • BOVs: Any
  • INTAKES: Any
  • MAF: Any
  • BATTERY: Any
  • SEATS: Only driver seat required
  • TIRES: Any
  • FUEL: Any fuel with the exception of nitro-methane