Heuberger Motors Street Tuner Mayhem | May 30, 2021

Spool up the Turbos and purge your NOS for the Sport Compact, Tuner, Sport Bike, and Sports Car event! Drag racing, Heads-up racing, Pro Street Series, Enigma Motorsports Motorcycle Challenge, product midway, and much more! Plus there are over 20 Car Show classes!

Basic Information

Gates Open : 8:00 am
Car Show : 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Time Trials : 9:30 am
Eliminations : 2:00 pm (approximately)
Show Awards : 3:00 pm


Participants : $40
PFI Pro Heads-Up : $100 PSCA class
PFI Sport Heads-Up : $100 PSCA class
Spectator : $20 (Kids 12 & Under FREE)

InstaFame Car Show Categories

Best of Show
DSPORT Editor’s Choice
Best Honda
Best Mitsubishi
Best Subaru
Best Nissan
Best Mazda
Best Toyota
Best Sport Compact
Best Old School (Pre 2000)
Best Stance (Static)
Best Stance (Air)
Best Domestic
Best ICE
Best Classic (Pre 1985)
Best Engine
Best Paint
Best Euro
Best VIP
Biggest Crew/Club

Racing Classes:

Hot Rod : .500 Full 14.00 & slower DOT tires only
Top Street : 500 Full 13.99 & quicker
Street Bike : .500 Full 7.50 & slower
American Made : .500 Full 11.50 & slower DOT tires only
Euro : .500 Full
PFI Pro Heads-Up : .400 Pro blue qualified field – pro ladder
PFI Sport Heads-Up : .400 Pro blue qualified field – pro ladder

Pro Heads Up Rules .400 Pro Tree

Turbo 4cyl: 76mm or twin 62.9mm Max
Base Weight: 4cyl 2400 / 6cyl 2500 (Car & Driver)
Tire: 25” (26” add 100lbs)
Weight Deductions: SOHC -200lbs Weight Adds:
Dual power adder +50lbs
26” Tire +100lbs
All motor: NO RULES
Turbo 4cyl 76mm Max / 6cyl 76mm or twin 62.9mm
Max Tire: 26” radial or 24.5” slick
Weight: 4cyl 2500 w/ 67mm 2600 w/ 72mm 2700 w/ 76mm 6cyl 3200lbs
Catch Pan/Diaper Mandatory
Max Tire 28×10.5
Max Single Turbo 80.9mm inducer Measured tip to tip on wheel
Max Twin Turbo 67.9mm inducer Measured tip to tip on wheel
Base Weight 3000lbs:
Deduct 500lbs for 4-cylinder engines
Deduct 1000lbs for air cooled engines
Deduct 200lbs for Twin 62mm or single 67mm
Add 50lbs for air/water intercooler
Add 50lbs for Billet 72mm and smaller inducer Measured tip to tip on wheel
Add 100lbs for Billet 73mm and larger inducer Measured tip to tip on wheel
Add 100lbs for dual power adder

Sport Heads Up Rules .400 Pro Tree

Base weight: 2200lbs
• FWD Turbo limits: 67mm with stock transmission, 62mm with dog box/faceplated gears
• No Dual Power-Adders
• All motor: no weights or rules. Run what ya brung
• GTR: OEM Nissan turbos, no aftermarket turbos
• AWD Turbo limit: 62mm
• RWD Turbo limit: 62mm
• Exterior: All glass, no Lexan unless all motor. Composite front end is permitted
• Interior: Carpet from rear seats forward, 2 seats, door skins, dash etc are Required
• No Wheelie Bars
Air cooled VW motor -400lbs
Single overhead cam Honda motor -200lbs