Heuberger Motors IDRC Street Tuner Mayhem | May 26th 2019


Spool up the Turbos and purge your NOS for the Sport Compact, Tuner, Sport Bike, and Sports Car event! Drag racing, Heads-up racing, Pro Street Series, Enigma Motorsports Motorcycle Challenge, product midway, and much more! Plus there are over 20 Car Show classes!

Basic Information

Date: May 26, 2019

Track: Bandimere Speedway (Morrison,CO)

Gates Open 8:00 am
Car Show 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Time Trials 10:30 am
Eliminations 2:00 pm (approximately)
Show Awards 4:00 pm

Race/Show $40
Pro Heads-Up $50
Sport Heads-Up $50
Quikcycle $45
Spectator $20

Racing Classes

Speedy Roo Street .500 Full 14.00 & slower

Super Comp .500 Full 13.99 & quicker

Street Bike .500 Full 7.50 & slower (qualify & ladder 2nd round)

Modified Eliminator .400 Pro 12.50 Index

Pro Heads-Up .400 Pro blue qualified field – pro ladder

Sport Heads-Up .400 Pro blue qualified field – pro ladder

Quikcycle .400 Pro blue

We will use tear-off armbands – no punch cards. Call in by CLASS.
First time runs session we will have to be lenient, as many will still be outside or have no idea what their car will run/class.


Best of Show
DSPORT Editor’s Choice
Best Honda
Best Mitsubishi
Best Subaru
Best Nissan
Best Mazda
Best Toyota
Best Sport Compact
Best Old School (Pre 2000)
Best Stance (Static)
Best Stance (Air)
Best Domestic
Best ICE
Best Engine
Best Paint
Best Euro
Best VIP
Biggest Crew/Club

Car Show Awards

In the Top Eliminator Club at 4 pm.

Race Awards

Winner, Runner-Up, Semi, and Quarter-Finalists at TECH in Street, Super Comp, Bike.
Winner, Runner-Up, Semi, Modified
Winner, Runner-Up, Pro Heads-Up, Sport Heads-Up
Winner, Runner-Up, Semi, Quikcycle

Event Payout

Monetary Payout is MAILED
Payout is
Street: W $200, RU $75, SEMI $50
Super Comp: W $250, RU $100, SEMI $50
Sport Bike: W $200, RU $100, SEMI $50
Quikcycle: W $250, RU $100, SEMI $50, Quarters $30
Modified W $200, RU $100
Pro Heads-Up W $250, RU $100
Sport Heads-Up W $250, RU $100