Mark Shipley’s 2017 Honda Civic Type R


Mark Shipley

Crew Name 

Vehicle Year, Make, Model 
2017 Honda Civic Type R

I’m 37 , from Los Angeles CA been in the Honda Game for about 20years. Go Big Or Go Home

Why did you choose this car? 
To own A Type R is Truly a dream come true for me, I have Loved Honda’s since day 1. When I heard the Type R was coming to the US I went crazy,  calling my dealer daily, I sent a huge fruit basket for my Dealers workers, wrote emails Daily until the GM personally called me and told me I’m crazy and to come get my car.

What makes your build Unique?

The amount of R&D that was put into Building some of these parts, the BBK, the custom Aero , all the Engine Bay work Done by ASC Speed Metal so much attention to detail

How did you get started in the car scene?

It started back in 1998 when the EJ’s, EM’s,EF’S,DC’s and EG’s (HONDA’s) where all new. Sad part was I owned a 94 Toyota corolla . While the rest of the world was Team Honda lol

Bio Of Car Crew 

SoCalCTR is more of a family then it is a crew or team. With over 100 members and only a year under our belts , this is the Best Group of Honda Fam an Enthusiast could ask for

Sponsor / Shout Outs
Big thanks To All My Sponsors who helped Wrenching and Fabricating, all those late nights and helping me Build My Dream. Rolloface, ASC Speed Metal, FIRM400, AeroFlow Dynamics, Whiteline, TwoSixAuotParts, Seibon, Nexen, SSR, Eibach, RV6P, PRL, Eventuri, Password JDM, Greddy, Hondata