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You must not gone to school since you have no class! Just kidding.

We’ve added a new Class Rule Overview Matrix to our website. This table helps racers find out which class they fit into! Click on the “Rules” tab above to view and download the PDF.

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7 Comments on "WHAT CLASS DO I RUN IN?"

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  1. Will Rinehart says:

    Any explanation why you can’t run dry sump?

    • idrcadmin says:

      Will, which class are you referring to? Dry sump oiling systems are allowed in both the IDRC OUTLAW and the IDRC PRO ALL-MOTOR class. If you don’t fall into either of these categories, please e-mail with some specifications of your car (make/model, est. time, turbo or n/a, tire size, etc.). Thank you!

      • Will Rinehart says:

        I found why I thought that. In the screen shot version on the main page the CP-carrillo pro turbo class says no but in the PDF version it says yes.

        May want to change that, as that’s why I was confused.

  2. Lightspeed Racing says:

    Garret Turbo FWD class, no aftermarket tranny means no dog box allowed? Thanks

    • idrcadmin says:

      Hey Chris,

      Dog box is allowed. Here’s the excerpt from the rulebook.

      Open to OEM manual or OEM automatic transmissions only. Case may be upgraded to a billet version. Gearsets and internals can be upgraded to straight-cut and/or dog engagement H-pattern. No sequential conversions allowed. Aftermarket axles are highly encouraged with hub upgrades permitted.

      Don’t forget to pick up your tickets online to save some cash and get in the express lane at the gates.


      • Lightspeed Racing says:

        Thanks Jun! Appreciate the info. I have another question, what time is the qualifying on Saturday? I tried searching for infos and did not find anything. Again, thank you.

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