IDRC PRO Heads-Up Classes

Heads up means you line up and drop the hammer.


The IDRC’s Pro FWD class is one of the most evolved and popular classes in modern drag racing. Open to all import and domestic FWD platforms powered by an I4- or V6-cylinder engine, the class is restricted to a single 72mm turbo or twin 51mm turbochargers. While all of the vehicles in this class are dedicated racecars, the retention of the unibody chassis still allows street performance enthusiasts to appreciate the technology and accomplishments of these vehicles. For 2015, the IDRC has simplified the class rules to open the class to more competitors.

Pro Turbo 10.5

A new class for 2015 established to push the limits of performance on the popular 10.5-inch racing slick or 345mm DOT radial tire. Unibody AWD, back-half RWD and full-tube frame FWD vehicles are all permitted. To encourage participation in the new class, there are no turbo size or vehicle weight limits. V8 engines are restricted to a single power adder, while V6 and 4-cylinder engines may have multiple.

IDRC Competition Index Classes

The organization that introduced the first national import drag racing series is now the first to introduce a complete set of index racing classes. According to IDRC Race Operations Manager Jeren Walker, “We noticed that a number of new racers are already focused on building cars to meet NHRA safety guidelines for a specific elapsed time and trap speed. It only made sense to introduce these racers to index classes that matched the same performance levels set by NHRA guidelines.” Since 10.0-seconds, 11.5-seconds and 14.0-seconds are specific performance limits set by the NHRA guidelines, the IDRC Competition index classes set these performance levels as the maximum performance level the vehicles are allowed to run.

Competition Eliminator (10.00 index)

The perfect class for the quickest of the quick racers without a competition license or a vehicle with an NHRA-certified cage. Open to all makes and models with not turbo, tire or weight restrictions. No delay boxes allowed.

Modified Eliminator (11.50 index)

The perfect class for the quick street cars that lack a roll bar. Open to all makes and models with no turbo, tire or weight restrictions. No delay boxes allowed.

Street Eliminator (12.50 index)

While there isn’t really any NHRA safety regulators pertaining to the 12.50 mark, it made sense to have a class between the 11.50- and 14.0-second indexes that catered to those street cars on street tires. A DOT radial class open to all makes and models with no turbo or weight restrictions. No delay boxes allowed.

Stock Eliminator (14.00 index)

Are your looks too good to wear a helmet? This is the class for you and anyone running no faster than the 14.00-second index.