Mike Holguin

Confirmed – Mike Holguin – IDRC West Coast Nats

The IDRC is happy to welcome a first time driver at our event. This will be Mike Holguin’s first time racing with the IDRC and he’s bringing his 2013 Ford Focus ST to the strip. Mike’s Focus has a Stage 3 tune, featuring bolt-on upgrades along with a reflashed ECU by Randy Robles. Mike is always looking for ways to enhance his Focus and to ensure that the car looks good. His aspirations include upgrading to a larger turbo and eventually a fully built engine with an even larger turbo. He loves racing and the rush he gets when making a pass down the strip. Mike stated that he’s a family man that loves cars and being around others who share in his interests. He is a member of the So Cal Ford Car Club and enjoys hanging out with the club members, talking shop, learning and sharing knowledge. Watch for him on April 12.