Michael Ferrara’s 1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec

Confirmed – Michael Ferrara – IDRC West Coast Nats – PB: 9.86 @ 145 mph

For Michael Ferrara, the founder of IDRC, Import Tuner, DSPORT Magazine and DSPORT’s new Technical Center and Machine Shop, the rush of acceleration has no equal. Five years ago, Michael drove the GT-R into the nine-second realm with a 2.8-liter engine making between 850 and 900 horsepower. After five years of constant development, the GT-R’s game has been stepped up.

A 2.6-liter RB26DETT engine composed of CP Pistons and Carrillo connecting rods now resides under the hood. The engine was machined and assembled by Club DSPORT’s machinist, Magnus Ohlaker with headwork by Port Flow Design using a full Ferrea/TOMEI Powered valvetrain. DSPORT engineered the fuel system to be E85 optimized. In the tank, a Walbro F90000267 (400lph E85 pump) lifts fuel to a modified “tall-boy: Radium Engineering multi-pump fuel surge tank. In this surge tank lies a TI Automotive Brushless Veyron fuel pump controlled by a custom brushless speed controller engineered by Michael himself. This primary brushless pump supports 1000whp, but a second F9000267 boosts fuel delivery to supply up to 1,400+whp worth of E85. The AEM Infinity-10 commands the fuel pumps, boost, BOV, direct-port nitrous system and all of the traditional ECU duties. With boost set at 40 psi and the Nitrous Supply direct port injection kit jetted to 100 horsepower, the R33 has produced over 1,250 horsepower to the rollers of DSPORT’s Dynojet 424xLC2 dyno. With fine tuning, the goal is 1,300+whp. Come see one of the world’s quickest and fastest true street import vehicles compete at Auto Club Dragway (DOT tires, full exhaust, pump E85, full interior, 3,700 lbs. with driver.)