Manuel Castanon

CONFIRMED – Manuel Castanon @ IDRC West Coast Nats – PB: 10.789 @ 128 mph

All-wheel drive power is what motivates Manuel Castanon. He started racing in 2002 behind the wheel of a Honda Prelude. When asked what he loved about racing, he stated, “The adrenaline rush of pulling up to the starting line during competition and hoping that the car gods are shining down on me!” After a few years, he sold the Prelude and purchased this 2005 Evolution VIII. But it wasn’t until just a few years ago that Castanon decided to really take the EVO to new competitive heights. To this point, he has performed most of the labor himself, while summoning the assistance of Tuning Technologies for some of the modifications. For this season, Castanon has upgraded the EVO with a new Forced Performance HTA86 turbocharger and a retune, which he hopes will help him to achieve mid ten second passes. Castanon hopes to eventually acquire a Buschur Racing long block, make more horsepower and eventually reach into the nine-second realm in street trim and appearance.