Jun Chen’s 1989 Honda CR-X HF

Confirmed – Jun Chen – IDRC West Coast Nats

The staff at DSPORT Magazine has a broad array of racing experience ranging from first timers to multiple decades. DSPORT’s Managing Editor Michael “Jun” Chen will be experiencing drag racing for the first time at the IDRC West Coast Nationals on April 12. He recently finished putting together his first project car, a 1989 Honda CR-X HF. The CR-X features a street-legal B17A swap from a DA Integra GS-R. This will be the first trip down the drag strip for both Jun and his CR-X, and he’s looking forward to being out there. The way Jun sees it, “Racing is simply one of the best ways to enjoy a car, from completely stock to fully built. Whether its road racing, drag racing or drifting, any type of motorsport enables enthusiasts to explore the limits of their vehicle and find new ways to reach that next level of performance, excitement and fun.” Since this is his first experience on the drag strip, Jun will also be attending the Drag Racing School being conducted by veteran drag racer Santos Renovales Sr. Jun hopes to not only learn the nuances of staging, lane courtesies and racing strategies, but also how to prepare, launch and race his car. Watch for him at the starting line!