Hanz Kwon’s 2010 Ford Mustang GT


Vehicle Year, Make, Model

2010 Ford Mustang GT


I am currently a college student at Glendale Community College and I plan on transferring to a University where I can pursue a teaching career. I have always been an automotive enthusiast and I currently work as a part time private tutor and as a host at a sushi restaurant. I am a down to earth person and I enjoy meeting other car enthusiasts as well.

Personal Best 1/4 Mile

I have never drag raced before but I have gone road racing at Chuckwalla and Streets of Willow.

How did you get started in the import scene?

In high school, my first vehicle was a 1989 Toyota Supra Non turbo and I have been loosely following the scene since 2007.

Why did you choose this car?

I chose this 2010 Ford Mustang GT because my family and I have always been into domestic and muscle cars. I enjoy imports as well, but I am very passionate about Ford and its heritage.

What makes your build unique?

My build is somewhat unique because people are surprised to see a heavy mustang at the track. It has a JLT Stage 3 cold air intake, SCT Tuned, a Mishimoto Auto Transmission Cooler, and a custom muffler delete. I plan on getting Steeda lowering springs and a line lock system in the near future. I would love to invest more, but education is my current priority.

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