Daniel Raudabaugh

CONFIRMED – Daniel Raudabaugh @ IDRC West Coast Nats – PB: 9.50 @ 156 mph

Daniel Raudabaugh returns to the IDRC for 2015 behind the wheel of his turbocharged 1988 Honda CRX. Raudabaugh, who works in construction, wrenches on his car and races as a hobby. 2014 was his rookie year competing at IDRC events. During the off season, Raudabaugh enlarged his engine, going from an 81mm bore to an 84mm bore. He also upgraded his ECU from an AEM EMS V1 to an EMS V2. He also upgraded his ignition system to a coil-on-plug set up with a cam and crank angle sensor system by Rywire. Running dual 2,300cc/min injectors on each intake runner along with a revised fuel delivery system, Raudabaugh aims to shave time off his best e.t., getting closer if not into the eights and making 1,000 horsepower to the wheels. Raudabaugh thanks his sponsors at Import Auto Pros, Power Pros, Golden Eagle, Rywire, Insane Shafts, Arias Pistons, Wisecraft Fabrication and Stanton Automotive Fabrication for their support of his racing efforts.

Race r Profile Daniel RaudabaughRace r Profile Daniel Raudabaugh