Aweis Adde’s J-powered DC2 Integra

Confirmed – Aweis Adde – IDRC West Coast Nats

The J-series powered Integra of TBmotorworx returns to the IDRC for another season with Aweis Adde behind the wheel. Aweis is the owner of TBmotorworx and is the builder, tuner and racer of the DC2. Being among the few to perform a J-series swap into a DC2 and successfully racing the car is a testament to Aweis and his company’s capabilities. Aweis said, “We have a lot going on here at the shop and we are trying to stay competitive in the class, especially since everyone has stepped their game up and are going faster. The only thing missing now is a dog box transmission, but we are working with a company now and should have that remedied shortly. We’ve been thinking about bringing the B-series back to finish what we started in 2010, but this time with a new chassis. I love the competition and camaraderie that racing brings. There’s nothing like getting to talk and hang out with the fans and other great people that think alike on race day.”

Aweis would like to thank Crower, Wiseco, Clutch Masters, Golden Eagle, K-tune, Innovative, Insane Shafts and Highend for their support.

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