Motovicity Bringing Tokico Back

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We know you most of you OGs have rocked a set of Tokico blues at one time or another. Tokico has led the industry in twin-tube gas damper technology for more than 65 years. The brand enjoys a cult-like following among street performance builders and vintage JDM enthusiasts. Recently, Tokico has been affected with an 18-month stoppage of product shipments.

But now, thanks to an exclusive distribution agreement between Hitachi Automotive Systems America, Inc. and our friends at Motovicity – the good people who present our IDRC series – the pipeline of Tokico products is restored are orders are being filled.

In just 11 years, Motovicity has grown from a small startup to being named SEMA’s 2013 WD of the Year. This is because Motovicity is committed to helping the best builders, performance shops and retailers in North America satisfy the demands of their customers. Motovicity boasts an extensive inventory of the industry’s top performance manufacturers to the exclusive distribution of such iconic brands as HKS, Kelford, Quaife and now Tokico.

Tokico’s current product lines include HP, Illumina, HTS, D-Spec and Trekmaster. There are plenty of ways you can get more info about Tokicos for your ride. You can contact your trusted performance aftermarket dealer, or call 855-792-2256, or even email your inquiry to And don’t forget to thank them for bringing Tokico back to the game.