Geovannie’s Honda Accord Sport


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Honda Accord Sport

Crew Name 

Team Evolve


Well I am a Photographer and car lover I love working on Cars making them look sexy

Whats makes your car unique?

  Well my Accord was the first 9th gen Accord to be tuned by Hondata and my Car Help to FlashPro To Work for Accords TLX ILX and for JDM and Euro Hondas I am on AirLift Performance suspension – injen intake – RV6 Downpipe, Hondata FlashPro, Borla Exhaust, AceWheels Mesh 7, OEM LipKit, OEM Door Visors – OEM Hood Visor, Full 5K DDM HIDs

 How did you get started in the import scene?

 My brother got me into the racing scene and from there I fell in love with imports

Bio of car crew



  Hondata, Injen, RV6, AceWheels, AirLift Performance, Borla Exhaust, BuddyClubUSA, PasswordJDM, GodSpeedProject, Heartbreak Motorsports


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