Food Trucks Confirmed for 2017 IDRC West Coast Nationals presented by ARP

California Grill Truck

Califronia Grill Food Truck

California Grill Truck first rolled out on its wheels in the summer of 2011 by Chef Danny Moon. Moon and his talented team of grillers were all built together through his passion for food. Starting from the back of the kitchen to the front of the sushi bar, Moon’s drive to create delicious and delectable dishes became his joy in life. As a head chef for ten years at both Korean and Japanese restaurants, Moon realized that his unique background and experiences could present a special pathway for a food truck.

In the process of creating the California Grill Truck, Moon did lots of eating and studying of food itself as well as food trucks for many years. Although the competition only seemed to increase and every kind of food truck seemed to exist, Moon knew he could make food that people had never seen or tasted before. After many months of cooking, sampling and continuing to feed off of his specialized talent, Moon decided it was finally time to ready, set, drive off into the food truck business in the Korean fusion direction!

California Grill Truck guarantees great prices for quality food. Featuring items such as a bulkogi sandwich and wraps, all ingredients are fresh and high quality with the cooking and grilling infused with love. More than making delicious food, Moon hopes to create and maintain relationships with customers as a chef and friend!

Dog Zilla

Dogzilla is the culinary evolution of a classic American Staple, the hot dog.  Fused together with ingredients only imaginable to the adventurous palette, Dogzilla is quickly becoming a favorite among the local food truck crowd. 

The unexpected blend of flavors on top of a product of such familiarity is the unique culinary spin of Dogzilla, that creates a completely new experience for our customers.  The classic American street food is taken to a whole new level by adding yakisoba noodles, furikake seasoning, home-made teriyaki sauce, bacon & avocados, and other non-traditional toppings that you can’t find on any other hot dog. The customer enjoys a variety of flavors from sweet and savory to bold and spicy.   These complicated flavors are then complimented with the toasty sweet flavor of our Hawaiian roll buns, completing the full circle of flavor your taste buds were made to enjoy.

The combination of ingredients results in a treat that can best be described with one phrase: “Not Your Typical Wiener”.

Okamoto Kitchen

Okamoto Kitchen is the brainchild of Chizuru and Gerald Abraham, whose mission is to introduce people to authentic, lesser known Japanese dishes such as Chicken Nanban, Cheese Mochi and Classic Style Japanese Curry. The vibrant Akiba-style decor and engaging customer service make Okamoto Kitchen an experience you will be talking about with your friends.


Street Food Company

Street Food Company Food Truck at InstaFame Car Show

Year 2007 (way before food trucks hit the street scene) was when we started selling at Temecula Farmers Market. Initially, we planned to sell skewers but Gale,market manager,wanted something different. She suggested fish tacos. We agreed to make fish tacos but had no idea how to do it. Thinking back to how we prepared fried fish in Asia and the famous baja style fish taco, we started to build a recipe based on our culture, both Mexican and Far East Asia. The sauces that we make from scratch, fresh ingredients, gluten free, with no preservatives were exquisite as a result. Accompanied by an appealing presentation, we realize what people want – the food has to smell, look, and taste great starting from inception to execution. We stayed true to our own style, no fancy smancy menu names, just honest, clean, fresh food. One blogger wrote August 2008: I used to work in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and I ate my way through that city–it’s teeming with excellent street food. So I am skeptical when I see an establishment which does not appear to be a hepatitis outbreak waiting to happen and yet still promises “street food.” Well. Check out this place–get the fish tacos. With everything. Definitely the Park Place/Boardwalk of street food, but you won’t resent the frou-frou aspect. They have excellent service, a creative menu, and the food is noteworthy.

Sweet Suite Dessert Truck

Sweet Suite Dessert Truck is committed to promoting good values as a company culture and business philosophy. Always providing consumers with a variety of great tasting desserts to satisfy every flavor palate. The Sweet Suite Dessert Truck is owned and operated by Paul and Rachel Rodriguez. As super fans of gourmet food trucks in general, the concept of a multi dessert truck was the result of experiencing a limited variety of dessert choices from the well established dessert trucks around town. So began the research into starting our own dessert truck business.

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