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We couldn’t think of a better IDRC PRO TURBO Class sponsor than CP-Carrillo, the technology leader in high performance pistons and rods. These guys have contributed to more records and wins than any other piston or rod manufacturer in the industry.

With some of the brightest minds in the industry, CP-Carrillo is able to explore angles not possible using conventional methods. They enlist the latest cutting edge design and R&D software, packaging together creativity, experience and proven technology to produce the best parts for your application. Partnerships with top names in the industry allow CP-Carrillo to create an ideal proving ground for racing piston and rod technology that the everyday racer can employ.

CP-Carrillo offers nearly the entire rotating assembly consisting of pistons, rods, wrist pins and rings. All you need is a crankshaft. The biggest benefit of purchasing these components together is that CP-Carrillo coordinates designs and specifications to allow for precise integration and optimal performance. Check them out at www.cp-carrillo.com .