Buschur Shootout 2015: Schedule and General Info



-FRIDAY, August 7th. 9 am-4pm, rain or shine at Buschur Racing, 24 West Main St., Wakeman, Ohio 44889
-Local streets will be closed down for the car show/dyno day, it’s something you have to see!
-All day dyno, $50 for two pulls. No tuning.
-Please make sure your car is leak free, if your car is leaking or dripping any fluids at all it will NOT be permitted on our dyno.

-FRIDAY, August 7th. 5pm-11PM.
-Friday night test and tune Summit Motorsports Park, gates open at 5 pm, racing from 6pm-11pm.
-All heads up classes will get their first qualifier at 9pm.
-FILL OUT YOUR TECH CARDS NEATLY AND COMPLETELY. Failure to do so will result in NOT receiving ANY prizes for your win!! Tech cards must be turned in at the rear of the staging lanes before you make your first pass.-When you enter the track Friday you will pay for your entire weekend, you will receive a wrist band for the weekend. If you choose to leave the track and not return for Sat/Sun you will be issued a refund for Sat/Sun on your way out.
-EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO ENTERS THE TRACK WILL RECEIVE A COLOR CODED WRIST BAND TO SHOW WHAT DAYS HE HAS PAID FOR. YOU MUST WEAR THE CORRECT WRIST BAND AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. If you remove your wrist band you will have to pay again. The wrist band is a big convenience, you can come and go from the track as you wish all three days if you have a 3 day band.
-Showers are available for $4 from 4:30pm-11pm Friday, 7am-closing on Saturday and Sunday.
-There is NO fee for camping but you MUST buy a multi-day wrist band to be permitted to stay overnight.
-Spectators MUST camp in the SPECTATOR PARKING AREA. NO CAMPING IN THE PITS unless you are a racer, sponsor or vendor.
-Concession stands will be open until 11 pm Friday night and until races are done on Saturday and Sunday.
-Drag strip announcements all weekend, class calls, race results etc., are broadcast on 88.5 FM. TURN YOUR RADIOS ON!

Friday cost for entry is $12 spectator, $25 race/qualify. Saturday, $15 spectator, $35 single day drag race, $65 Sat/Sun drag race, $65 Max Effort, $35 Autocross only. To calculate your multi-day wrist band cost, simply add up the cost of each option you want to do. Children 12 and under free. USA active duty/reserve military spectators free with ID. 3 day spectator fee is $42, three day drag racer fee is $90. Autocross is an additional $35 and Max Effort is an additional $65.

ALL SPONSORS/VENDORS/RACERS will enter the track all three days from ROUTE 18, this is NOT the place you have been entering for the last 23 years, it’s on the far SOUTH side of the track. The sponsors/vendors and racers will then cross over to the pit side on the roadway south of the staging lanes. ALL spectators will enter from the ROUTE 601 side, the normal entrance. This new method will completely eliminate all spectator vehicles from the vendor/sponsor/pit area of the track

The return road will now have ONE exit to the pits very close to the ET boards or you will have the option of driving down in front of the grand stands and all the fans and re-entering the pits from under the grandstands.

-SATURDAY, August 8th. Gates open from 9am-9 pm, RAIN or SHINE.-Autocross/Max Effort from 9am-?
-Time Trials from 3-7 pm
-2nd round qualifier for ALL HEADS-UP drag classes at 7 pm.
-Workers are hired to work the course. Racers do not have to work the course and can relax and enjoy the day!
-Autocross competitors names and times are broadcast on 89.5 FM.
-Shootout Class legal vehicles are the ONLY vehicles permitted to race in the Autocross or Max Effort Classes.
-ANY DOT Radial tire with a distinct full tread pattern will be permitted in the Autocross or Max Effort Classes. Tires with only longitudinal grooves will not be permitted. An example of the tread design that is not permitted is the Hoosier Drag Radial, this or any tire with just longitudinal grooves is not permitted.
-SIX runs will be given for Autocross and Max Effort unless space and time permit more runs.
-You can enter a separate drag class in addition to running Autocross.

AUTOCROSS-Sponsored by STM
-There are two AUTOCROSS only classes:
AD-Autocross DSM
AE- Autocross EVO

-The Max Effort class combines autocrossing and drag racing. The autocross and drags are held on Saturday for Max Effort.
-You can enter a separate drag class in addition to running Max Effort.
-You will need to read the classes listed below and pick the class your car fits into.
-Your best 1/4 mile ET will be combined with your best autocross time at the end of the day for a total time which will place you and determine the winner in each class.
-The same tire must be used for the autocross and drags.
-Owner of the car must drive the car in both events, NO other drivers permitted.
-All DSM’s or other Mitsubishi powered shootout legal vehicles will compete in DSM(MD).
-All EVO’s/Ralliarts will compete in EVO(ME).
-All GTR’s will compete in GTR(MG)
-You will get 3 drag passes to post your best 1/4 mile ET to then be added to your best autocross time for scoring.
-MAX EFFORT MD, ME and MG will have their drag passes starting at 3pm. YOU MUST BE IN THE STAGING LANES FOR YOUR THREE DRAG PASSES AT 3PM. These three runs are run back to back, so return immediately to the staging lanes after each run. This allow guys who also want to run a heads up class qualifier at 7 pm to prep their cars. These drag passes are mandatory for scoring!


SUNDAY, August 9th. Gates open at 9 am-? rain or shine.
-Summit Motorsports Park, Budweiser/pit side of the track.
-Sunoco 110 and 112 octane fuel and methanol are available at the track. Quality E85 is available at IGA in Norwalk.
-Time trials from 9am until noon and as time permits throughout the day.
-Show up rain or shine, the rain date IF it rains out is the very next day, Monday the 10th.
-Third qualifier is at 10 am.
-First round of racing for all classes is at 1 pm.
-FILL OUT YOUR TECH CARDS NEATLY AND COMPLETELY. Failure to do so will result in NOT receiving ANY prizes for your win!! Tech cards must be turned in at the rear of the staging lanes before you make your first pass.
-Your class designation goes on the windshield followed by the number on your tech card. Class designations are listed in parenthesis next to the class names below. This is your class/car number for the day.
-Any Mitsubishi powered vehicle can run at the shootout as long as it has either the original engine in the car (Genesis Coupe, 420A, 1.8 liter Mitsu, 4B11T, Stealth-3000GT, 3 liter Mitsu V6 etc.) or is powered by any one of these Mitsu engines. Cars NOT powered by a 4G63 or 4B11T MUST run in either Bracket or Time Trials.
-Any GTR can run at the Shootout as long as it is AWD.
-Awards can be collected following the finals for the last run in each class. Awards are presented at the customer service office. If you fail to collect your awards the day of the race you forfeit your award(s) and prize money.


This years Shootout will be different than any year in the past. The entrances are different, the parking areas are divided, vendors and sponsors are together but in separate areas now. In the past everyone has entered the track from the pit side which is on RT 601. This is now the entrance for SPECTATORS only. Spectators can NOT drive into the pits, it is BLOCKED OFF. RACERS, SPONSORS and VENDORS will all enter from RT 18 and then drive to the pit side on the roadway that runs next to the staging lanes. Sponsors will be set up on both sides of main roadway behind the grandstands. Vendors will be behind them along the fence and roadway along RT 601. The entire north end of the vendor/sponsor area is for RACERS and their trucks/trailers only. YOU CAN NOT PARK IN THIS AREA UNLESS YOU HAVE A TECH CARD.