Paula Mamuri’s Limited Edition Scion FR-S

CONFIRMED – Paula Mamuri – Scion FR-S Limited Edition

Growing up in a male-dominated family, Paula Mamuri had been influenced by her uncles and their hobbies. One influential uncle in particular, who was a Honda fanatic, worked on three Civics and raced them on the weekends. His passion for cars left an impression on Paula, and soon her interest in cars began. Since her immediate family had owned and driven nearly every Toyota model since the 1970’s, she had always considered herself more of a Toyota girl. Her mom once drove an AE86, which made purchasing its spiritual successor, the FR-S, the logical choice for her new car purchase. While attending 626 car meets, Paula wanted to learn more about cars and setting it up for the track from likeminded enthusiasts with track experience. It was during this time that she met the Southbay 86 crew. Through this affiliation, she has expanded her network to include racers, enthusiasts, shop owners who have helped her build up her TRD Limited Edition FR-S #442. She now goes to open track days to burn up rubber, while also participating in car shows with her crew. Her future goal is to gut and cage the chassis and make it a full racecar…with a 2JZ engine. In her own words, “It sounds like a dream, but I am optimistic. My near future plans included a turbo kit, along with upgraded safety equipment for the track.”