Mike Nunez’ Honda Accord

CONFIRMED – Mike Nunez – 2009 Honda Accord

Team Clutchrides’ Mike Nuñez confirmed his participation in the INSTAFAME Car Show on April 12. This hospital laboratory technician will be showing his 2009 Honda Accord sedan. His eye-catching, eighth generation Accord features custom LED headlights and taillights that complement the full Mugen body kit and spoiler. JDM Sport Springs lower the chassis over a set of 20-inch Mach 7 wheels. Inside, the trim pieces were painted to complement the red Mugen floor mats that carry on the JDM theme. I.C.E. is composed of a complement of Scosche audio components, including the head unit, speakers, 12-inch subwoofers and amplifiers. Nuñez has been through his ups and downs with the Accord, but these experiences have given the car more character. Now that the custom audio system is finally done, the build is closer to where he would like it to be. People have even copied images of his car off the web to use in eBay posts, a flattering complement to his vehicle project. Nuñez would like to thank his sponsors, Scosche, Mother’s Car Care Products, R1Concepts and 2 Crave Alloys for their ongoing support.