Michael Wibley’s Mitsubishi EVO 8

CONFIRMED – Michael Wibley – 2004 Mitsubishi EVO 8

Active duty serviceman Michael Wibley has confirmed his participation in the INSTAFAME Car Show. Wibley is a genuine car fanatic who owns a 1995 Toyota Supra, a 2002 Subaru WRX, a 2006 STI, and the car he plans to show at Fontana, a 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII. Wibley quickly points out that his stable of machines has each been fully built, and none of them make less than 450 horsepower. What makes this EVO special to Wibley is that he was the original owner, and inherited the car back when his friend who bought the car passed away in August, 2013. The engine let got in February 2014, and Wibley has spent the last year getting the car back on its wheels. The EVO holds a lot of sentimental value and he hopes to represent with this build to honor his friend. Wibley would like to thank his mom for getting him involved in cars and motorcycles as a youth. This foundation solidified his passion for all things fast. He would also like to thank his girlfriend for her patience with him, his friends for being there for him, and to the DDR crew for their encouragement. He’d also like to thank Shawn at Church Automotive and Adan at AQ Motorsports for their help bringing his projects to life.