Michael Nunez’s 2009 Honda Accord


Crew Name

AccordsElite Vice President

Vehicle Year, Make, Model 

2009 Honda Accord


My name is Michael I go by Mike I am 33 years old who is about to take the next step of adulthood by getting married in February of 2017. I work at San Antonio Regional Hospital as a Laboratory Technician which is a rewarding field. When I’m not working on my car or working at the hospital I have a passion for photography which takes me to some wonderful places.

How did you get started in the import scene?

As a child I was always introduced to the automotive show scene. My dad had a 1955 T-Bird which he use to clean, polish, and build in turn he showed me the basics of mechanics. I soon took an interest in cars when I was 14 years old where I bought my 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 SI with the rear wheel turning.

Why did you choose this car?

As soon as I saw the body style on the 8th gen Accord I fell in love. The polished metallic grey paint is so beautiful along with the Mugen accessories it looks amazing. From headlights to taillights I will always appreciate me 4 door Mugen Accord.

What makes your build unique?

My Accord is unique because I have authentic Mugen / JDM parts installed on my accord. I have a carbon fiber fever and you can see it inside and outside my accord. My custom trunk is one of a kind, and my Air-Lift suspension just sets my car off to the next level.  Soon I will setting up my Nitrous Kit to take my accord to the next level.

Bio Of Car Crew

AccordsElite is a different kind of car club. Our goal is to join people together who love and appreciate their vehicles as much as we do. We intend to do this by creating an atmosphere in which car enthusiasts can build friendships, share ideas, and expand our overall knowledge.

Sponsor / Shout Outs

I would like to thank my Sponsors: Mothers Polish, JDM Sport, Firm400, CquenceBrakes, All-Fit Automotive, RSR Wheels, Airdout, TireStickers, OPEC Detailing, EGR U.S.A, Nitrous Outlet.

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