Mark Cowans’ 2014 Scion FR-S

2017 West Coast Nationals – New INSTAFAME ELITE Entry


Mark Cowans

Crew Name


Vehicle Year, Make, Model

2014 Scion FRS 


13 year active duty Navy Veteran, originally from Seattle.  Now living in SoCal. 

 Why did you choose this car?

Originally attracted to the RWD configuration and aftermarket support for the FRS, as well as the concept as a “poor man’s sports car.” In the beginning it was a refreshing change from the other low price tuner cars available at the time.

What makes your build unique?

The bold Verde Ithaca paint job.  It never goes anywhere without grabbing attention.  Its bright and bold. 

How did you get started in the car scene? 

I’ve been modifying cars since day one.  My first import was a Honda civic and I spent countless hours researching every AutoZone rice part I could find.  Poor car looked like a JEGs cover car.  After that initial experience I dabbled in Domestic sport compacts as well as other imports.  I’ve always been into the budget tuner cars that I customize and modify in my garage to my own tastes. 

Bio Of Car Crew

San Diego 86 is the largest regional FRS/BRZ enthusiast group in California.  We are dedicated group of friends who just enjoy this platform for whatever personal reasons. 

Sponsor / Shout Outs 

San Diego 86 club

Infamous Performance

Delicious Tuning


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