Mark Abellon’s 2016 Ford Focus ST


Crew Name

Proper Function

Vehicle year, Make, Model

2016 Ford Focus ST


Friends call me Mark. I am one of the member of Team ProperFunction. Modifying cars (exterior/interior) is one of my interest. My team always guide me building my car all through out since day 1. When it comes to building cars, i would prefer looks especially performance. 

How did you get started in the import scene?

I love going to a car shows. When I got here in the US, I had a chance to build cars so I tried exploring it. In addition, my friends around me and my team had a huge influence to me being a car enthusiast. 

Why did you choose this car?

I chose the ford focus ST first of all because i love hatch back cars. Secondly, this car is affordable, third i like the stock body of it and the performance.

What makes your build unique?

Not all cars has a track design. So since my car is a track series, i would love to modify my car exterior, interior and performance as a track series. 

Bio Of Car Crew

Our crew focuses on modification when it come to performance and design. Every team member is knowledgeable when it comes to building cars and they are friendly.


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