Joanna Pacheco’s 2011 Mitsubishi EVO GSR

CONFIRMED – Joanna Pacheco – 2011 Mitsubishi EVOLUTION GSR

Joanna Pacheco will be representing her crew, Team DDR, in the INSTAFAME Car Show on April 12 at the IDRC West Coast Nationals. Her chosen ride is a Wicked White 2011 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR. This 27-year-old car girl is married to a car guy, David Pacheco, who also happens to be Team DDR’s President. The crew has grown over the years, and under the leadership of Pacheco and vice president Cesar Gomez, has grown to enjoy some tremendous success. Joanna states, “I love sharing the same passion for cars as my husband, and I am proud of Team DDR and its members. For a crew that was only found in 2010, it has experienced healthy growth in only five years. We owe a grateful thank you to our sponsors at Endless Autosalon and Statik Performance for their support of the crew and its efforts.”