Jaziel Bautista’s Subaru WRX

CONFIRMED – Jaziel Bautista – Subaru WRX

Not many can claim to have owned an H22 VTEC Prelude, Integra, a turbocharged Scion tC, a Toyota Supra, a BMW M3 and a Subaru WRX… all by the age of 26. Modifying and flipping cars with such regularity would have most people wheeling from the experience, but in the words of Jaziel “Mr. Purple” Bautista, “What can I say? I am a true car enthusiast at heart.” Bautista learned about cars during high school at an auto shop class for adults. He went on to work at a shop to support his car modification habit before eventually starting his own business. Bautista will be showing his Subaru WRX alongside his crew, Team Blacklisted. This GDB rocks an appropriate and custom metallic purple hue, dropped on Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels. Inside the cabin is a pair of BRIDE seats and an audio system by Klownin’ Audio. Future plans include some respectable upgrades including 850 cc/min injectors, a 255-lph fuel pump, an 18G turbocharger, a front-mount intercooler and a retune. Bautista would like to recognize EDO Performance, Klownin’ Audio, FM Wheels, Mixxed Auto Design and Wicked Detailing for their support and a special thank you to Adan at AQ Motorsports for helping to keep Bautista’s WRX on the road.

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