Edenilson Escobar’s 1997 Honda Civic

2017 West Coast Nationals – New INSTAFAME ELITE Entry


Edenilson Escobar

Crew Name


Vehicle Year, Make, Model

1997 Honda Civic


Hi my name is Edenilson. I share the same passion toward cars like others. I consider myself humble, creative and simple that likes to create my own ideas details by details. My purpose always have been to accomplish my goals. I have learn to never give up on your own dreams.

How did you get started in the import scene?

It all started when I saw 60 Second Movie. Little by little right after the first fast and the furious movie came out I started creating ideas on how to create my own car. Going to meets and meeting people were the first steps of my passion for cars.

Why did you choose this car?

I choose this car because I really love the way it was design. I think 2 doors looks sexier at the same time because back in the days you had so many choices on parts or accessories for this car especially when the body kits and lighting came out.

What makes your built unique?

I think the way that I have customized the car detail by detail and having some unique parts installed.

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