Daniel Moreau’s 2013 Subaru BRZ

2017 West Coast Nationals – New INSTAFAME ELITE Entry


Daniel Moreau

Crew Name 

SoCal 86

Vehicle Year, Make, Model 

2013 Subaru BRZ


Born and raised in Long Beach, California 

Why did you choose this car?

Its a fun platform to drive with massive aftermarket support.

What makes your build unique? 

The car is a mixture of dark colors, Carbon Black paint, with subtle hints of blue, matte and gloss black wheels. Only a keen eye for detail will be able to truly appreciate the subtleties of this vehicle 

How did you get started in the car scene?

I first got a 2000 Honda Civic back in 2011 and riced it out and have been ricing cars out ever since

Bio Of Car Crew

SoCal 86 is a joint effort of OC86, SD86 and 86two6 to bring all the socal clubs together.

OC86 is a new club that started in 2016 and has been meeting in Irvine to bring Orange County together to share our love for the 86.

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