Brian Canales’ 1988 Toyota Supra


Crew Name

Team DDR

Vehicle Year, Make, Model

1988 Toyota Supra


I have been in the car scene for 16yrs. I built my own car. I also know how to work on low riders only.

How did you get started in the import scene?

I first got into the import scene by watching fast and the furious.

Why did you choose this car?

It was given to me because of a debt.

What makes your build unique?

My engine bay is chrome and 24k gold. The 2 items that make my car unique I would say is the 24k engraved Turbo and my 24k gold and chrome volk’s SF challenge wheels.

Bio Of Car Crew

Team DDR has been around for about 6yrs and it’s more like a family than a team.


Takata, R1 concepts, Street lightz, Meguiars, and RJ Coatings

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