IDRC new trophies

INSTAFAME Categories

Best Domestic
Runner Up Best Domestic

Best Euro
Runner Up Best Euro

Best Street FR-S/BRZ
Runner Up Best Street FR-S/BRZ

Best Performance FR-S/BRZ
Runner Up Best Performance FR-S/BRZ

Best Honda Civic Street
Runner Up Best Civic Street

Best Civic Performance
Runner Up Best Civic Performance

Best Honda/Acura (Non Civic)
Runner Up Best Honda/Acura (Non Civic)


Best KDM (Hyundai/Kia)
Runner Up Best KDM (Hyundai/Kia)

Best Mazda
Runner Up Best Mazda

Best Mitsubishi
Runner Up Best Mitsubishi Runner Up

Best Nissan/Infiniti
Runner Up Best Nissan/Infiniti

Best Subaru (Non BRZ)
Runner Up Best Subaru (Non BRZ)

Best Toyota/Lexus/Scion (Non FR-S)
Runner Up Best Toyota/Lexus/Scion (Non FR-S)

All Entries Judged On

Best of Show
Best Engine
Best Paint
DSPORT Editors’ Choice

Additional Class Considerations

Best VIP
Best Stance (Static & Air)

Additional Awards

*Best Crew
*Biggest Crew
Peoples’ Choice Award

* Winning group will receive a full spread in DSPORT Magazine

(classes subject to change)

What is InstaFame Elite?

The ideal solution for both the casual and competitive INSTAFAME participants.

Pleasing all of the people all of the time may seem like an impossible mission, but it's one that INSTAFAME takes seriously. Happy participants, happy spectators and happy sponsors are the key to a successful event. INSTAFAME raised the bar on outside venue car shows by partnering with the IDRC and DSPORT magazine to deliver unsurpassed exposure to the biggest and best car crews in Southern California and Colorado. In addition, INSTAFAME provided a venue that allowed the editors of DSPORT to find the best built show cars in attendance. Now, INSTAFAME plans to take its show to the next level.

Just like the vehicles they build, every car show participant is unique. Some thrive on the competition aspect of the show, while others express little interest in having their vehicle judged. Essentially, it boils down to having a competitive and a casual element among the participants. The competitive element desires accurate and detailed judging, well-defined categories and big trophies. The casual simply enjoy hanging with their crew at a great event. Being able to deliver the best experience to both elements with a single format misses the mark. Fortunately, we've developed an ideal solution.

For all future events, participants in the INSTAFAME car show can choose to be judged or not. For those choosing not to be judged, entry fees will remain at the current low rates. All teams (made up of both INSTAFAME or INSTAFAME Elite participants) will still be eligible for Biggest and Best Crew awards, along with Peoples Choice Awards whether they elect to be judged or not. However, no formal judging of the individual vehicles will take place for these participants.

Formal and detailed judging will take place for those participating in the new premium INSTAFAME Elite Division. A slightly increased entry fee (additional $20) will deliver bigger and better trophies and awards for the competitors.

Should You Enter InstaFame Elite or Car Show?

If you want your car to be judged and to be eligible for InstaFame trophies, then enter INSTAFAME Elite. If you don't care about the judging but you want your car in the car show area and to count for your crew's total numbers then simply purchase the base $35 entry.