E.T. Bracket Classes (Super Comp, Super Mod)

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Ladder Type: Random Pairings
Field Size: Unlimited
Light Type: 0.400 Sportsman
Staging: Courtesy Staging Encouraged, Deep Staging Allowed

Class Summary

Are you ready to run what you brung? It doesn’t matter how fast your car is or isn’t. There’s a bracket class for you to win within the IDRC’s bracket classes. Open to all import and “high-tech” domestics. The bracket classes feature the best foot brake (no delay box) racing action. Vehicles can be mild to wild, full race or full street. Bring mom’s car, it’s time to have fun.


All vehicles must pay racer entry fee. The racer on the tech card for the vehicle must also be the driver. Additional drivers will pay full race entry fee and must notify officials that there will be two drivers in the same vehicle. The Driver that qualifies must also be the driver in the elimination rounds. All vehicles must pass the safety tech inspection issued by the track. All 2014 IDRC events will take place at NHRA-sanctioned tracks.


Only one internal-combustion gasoline engine permitted in vehicle.

Power Adders

No restrictions.

Approved Fuels

Pump E85, E98, VP Racing C16, VP Racing Pro Import, VP Racing Q16, VP Racing C85. No propylene oxide or nitromethane is permitted. IDRC will perform random fuel tests and fuel tests upon protest (charges apply).


Any transmission is allowed.


All bracket class vehicles must be an import. Domestic vehicles must be electronically fuel injected and manufactured after 1985.

Chassis and Suspension

Any modifications allowed.


Slick or radials permitted.


No delay boxes permitted.


All crewmembers accompanying the vehicle on track (up to three) must be in like uniforms. Uniforms can be as simple as matched t-shirts and jeans. All crewmembers must also sign the additional liability release waiver.


Class payouts will vary based on each event. However, larger fields will receive larger payouts. Fields smaller than eight vehicles will receive a pro-rated payout based on the number of qualified entries. Eight-vehicle fields will only payout winner and runner-up. Fields with 16 and 32 cars will also payout semifinalists.

The IDRC West-Coast Nationals & International Finals (1-day events)

Any Field
Super Mod Winner $200
Super Mod R/U $100
Semifinalist ––––

Up to $7,600 in Payouts per race + Thousands in Contingency Awards!!!