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Features NSX26

Twin-Turbo Street NSX That Runs 10s

For those that know racing, know the incredible amount of time and energy it takes to go from a concept to actually taking the finished product down the strip. The thought of transforming a car from an OEM slug to a quarter-mile monster in just six days would make most…

Education Evapo-Rust

Evapo-Rust | A Simple and Fast Solution for Safely Removing Oxidation

Some of the most famous and life-changing inventions were stumbled upon by accident. One such discovery, Evapo-Rust® Super Safe Rust Remover, is to the hands-on enthusiast as a Post-It Note is to the office worker. Like Post-It Notes, Penicillin, Super Glue and microwave ovens, Evapo-Rust was a discovery of happenstance,…

Features 10 second Honda Civic EK

10-Second Daily-Driven Honda Civic EK

Though the amount of money and time that professional car tuners have to work with may discourage the everyday car enthusiasts, Paul Coggeshall’s story is one that should brighten everyone’s outlook. Pure enthusiasts can see the beauty in project cars, even when others can not. In 1999, a 1997 Honda…

Education forced injection

Forced Induction – Boost for Max Power | Bolt-On Basics

When it comes to increasing your vehicle’s power output, forced-induction systems are the pinnacle of bolt-on performance. Out of all the bolt-on modifications available for today’s popular vehicles, forced-induction kits can offer the greatest gains in horsepower and torque. High-quality turbocharger or supercharger kits can bump power output by 40-…

Education suspention

Suspension – Upgrades to Enhance Handling Performance | Bolt-On Basics

Racecar drivers that double as engineers will almost always excel in competition. However, the backseat-driver-equivalent of engineers that claim to be racecar drivers are the worst. These types that love to chase setup adjustments down to the molecular level, they treasure logged data and long debates about spring rates, chassis…

Education Brakes tech

Brakes – The Science of Stopping | Bolt-On Basics

Making more horsepower and going fast is both fun and rewarding; however, there’s really no point to any of it if you cannot stop quickly and safely. While most factory braking systems prove adequate for the daily commute, going to the track or even spirited driving through the canyons could…

Education wheels

Wheels – Fashion and Function | Bolt-On Basics

Like eye-catching shoes, wheels make an automotive fashion statement with practical application when properly selected. Wheels are arguably the first thing that people notice about a car. They can be practical, sporty, casual or formal. The reality is wheels make more than a fashion statement, they can influence the acceleration,…

Education tires

Tires – Get a Grip, Don’t Slip | Bolt-On Basics

It’s surprising how little is understood about tires. Just look at the number of cars with tires worn down to the belts lining up at your local tire shop when the first rain of the season begins to arrive. What’s worse is that some people think tires are just chunks…

Education EJ257 Bottom End Breakdown

Subaru EJ257 Bottom-end Breakdown

When Magnus Ohlaker (head machinist and engine assembler at Club DSPORT’s Engine Development Facility) was asked “what is your favorite aftermarket engine?”, we never expected Magnus to say the Subaru EJ257. Later, we learned it was because Magnus had assembled over 400 of these engines while working at Cosworth Engineering.…

Education pulstar sparkplug

Pulstar with PlasmaCore Spark Plugs

Human cognition is a mind-blowing phenomenon that’s capable of incredible processes like abstract thinking, high-level computation and lightning-fast heuristics. Even though the list of amazingly complex procedures the human brain can process is long, there are still simple things that are completely incomprehensible. The dollar figure of the national debt,…

Education HKS camshaft

HKS FA20 Camshafts | Tested To Get You the Real Numbers

Smooth versus lumpy idle. Instant off idle response or lazy low end. Asthmatic high-RPM performance or a screamer to redline. When it comes to the personality traits of an engine, the control of the valve events is the primary influence of the engine’s behavior. For about the first 100 years…

Features civic type R

Resurrected 1999 Honda Civic CX Type R

The Acura Integra Type R is a great performing car. In building the Type R Integra, Honda Motor Company took an Acura Integra and shed some weight by eliminating a few of the creature comforts. Honda engineers also armed the Integra with a potent B18c5 engine. The engine was complemented…

First Drive Improved Focus RS

Mountune Raises the Bar with an Improved Focus RS

From movies to smartphones, hyping up something big and new can lead to either a cult following or an angry mob upon release. Advertisements, word of mouth and news reports regurgitate rumors and stories of “the next big thing,” but what happens when the product reaches consumers? For some, the…

Features Turbocharged Integra

Turbocharged 567 WHP RHD Acura RSX

Die-hard HONDA fans lamented the loss of the “Integra” nameplate in 2002 when the U.S.-based Acura division settled upon an alphanumeric naming structure for all of its vehicles. Done at the height of America’s Honda B-series craze, there was also some initial backlash that coincided with the new platform’s (known…

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